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sports nutrition

Top athletes and trainers recognize that consuming the right food/drinks at the right times can help improve sports performance as well as aiding recovery and reducing sports injuries. Nutritional requirements are also influenced by your general activity level and the type of sport/exercise you are undertaking.

My experience in this area includes working with personal trainers to create bespoke exercise and nutrition programs for individual clients. I am also the author of a Sports Nutrition study module (level 4).

My aim is to help you reach your peak performance as well as supporting your overall health by:

  • Balancing your diet so that you are eating optimal quantities of protein, carbohydrate and fat, to match your type of sport and activity level,
  • Ensuring you are obtaining optimal safe levels of vitamins and minerals,
  • Designing a daily meal/snack plan so you consume the right foods/drinks before and after exercise, as well as the rest of the day/week.


  • Advising you about supplements and tests
    (if required)
  • Supporting improved body composition: gaining muscle, losing excess fat safely, maintaining good hydration levels.
As part of each consultation you will be offered in depth body composition analysis using Tanita body composition analysis scales to track your progress regarding fat percentage, bone & muscle mass and hydration levels. nutritional therapy jo nutrition healthy lifestyle